Students Celebrate Children's Day With Dental Health Awareness Event by Sharma Dental Clinic

In commemoration of Children's Day this year, our Board Member Dr. Anita Joshi and her daughter-in-law Dr. Mehak Kalra Sharma spent their day volunteering their time and services to support Gyaan Ghar students to learn about oral hygiene.

Dr. Kalra works at Sharma Dental Clinic, who provided dental exams to students free of cost, providing any necessary prescriptions on the spot for free.

Sharma Dental also donated hygiene-themed goodie bags to our kids at the end of the event with toothbrushes, toothpaste, winter socks, and school supplies.

Our students had a blast and learned some useful tricks for keeping their smiles healthy and happy. "Dr. Kalra taught me about the importance of flossing, and having my teeth checked out with a smartphone flashlight was definitely a first!" shared Shivani, a 10th grader.

We are so grateful that Dr. Joshi and Dr. Kalra chose to volunteer at Gyaan Ghar on this important day for children around the world.

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