Our Supporters

Our work to provide academic support and extracurricular enrichment to our students is impossible without the support of our donors. We are extremely grateful to the following supporters for contributing to our GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Manpreet Ahluwalia
Navdeep Singh Bhatia
Nandini Bhogar
Udai Bothra
Sònia Josa Castro
Elias Chajet
Fred Chanania
Reena Chaudhary
Cohen Family
Doyle Family
Pilar Fitzgerald
Linda Gardiner
Sharada Haksar
Andrew Hall
Bella Harsh
Indians 4 Social Change
Siddhartha Jena
Mini Kamboj
Reman Kaur
Lorraine Kearney
Tracy Keegan
Abby Lyall
Reena Mahal
Mini Kamboj
Kamal Mann
Naila Nasir
Mary McNulty
Swathi Meenakshee
Prateek Mookerjee
Chethana Rao
Daphne Rappaport
Subrat Ratho
Rebecca Saleh
Atinderpal Sandhu
Karthik and Shibani Selvam
Rodrigo Serrano
Kina Shah
Abhijit Singh
Madeleine Smith
David Soucy
Rebeccah Welch

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