Gyaan Ghar (“House of Knowledge”) provides free supplementary education to underprivileged children in Ludhiana, to nurture a passion for well-rounded learning, inside and outside of the classroom.


Academic Tutoring | Each day, class starts with an on-syllabus focus. Students work on their homework as the teachers instruct smaller groups and administer unofficial "quizzes" to review school material.

Art | During the second part of class, students move to a number of extracurricular activities. In visual art, the focus is on reusing materials that would otherwise go to waste, and using materials easily available to the students in their homes.

Music | Students learn a number of poems and rhymes, in addition to popular songs and spiritual shabbads.

Public Speaking | Presentations on topics including current events and historical figures are designed to fine-tune writing skills and promote confidence.

Dance | Part-time instructors teach both the traditional Punjabi dance form Bhangra and Bollywood choreography.

Drama | Students act out historical events and mythological stories from Indian culture, learning both creativity and stage skills.

Computers | While students learn the theory of computer use in their public school, Gyaan Ghar computer classes give them experience with hands-on practice.

Sisters' Circle | Gyaan Ghar was originally designed to be a school exclusively for girls, to address the disparaging attitudes toward education of girl children prevalent in economically weak Indian households. However, we made the decision in 2010 that girls should learn to operate in a world where women and men study and work side-by-side, and therefore made the learning center co-educational. Once a week, Gyaan Ghar girls gather in a circle to discuss how to be successful in this environment.

Environmental Education | The Fredric D. Chanania Program for Environmental Education seeks to impart a respectful love of our planet in Gyaan Ghar students. Classroom lessons on sustainability are  supplemented with hands-on outdoor activities and field trips.

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