Diwali Mubarak!

On October 26, Gyaan Ghar students opened their mouths and minds for our annual Diwali celebration. This year's theme was Multiculturalism and Open-mindedness, along with Creativity . . .  as always!

First, the class painted beautiful rangoli decorations all over the sidewalk around the school.

After this decorative folk art covered every inch of ground to be seen, the class looked on as two students acted out the Lakshmi Puja, a prayer to the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity.

At snacktime, the class enjoyed typical Indian sweets while discussing the story of Diwali according to the Sikh and Jain traditions, in addition to the Hindu tradition enacted before. Learning about these "alternate" stories was a way for students to explore how people of many faiths celebrate the same holiday for different reasons, and everyone has a story to tell.

The day was fun, educational, and yummy for all!

You'd be astounded to know how far a dollar goes.

Since the summer of 2008, Gyaan Ghar Learning Center has been operating due to the generosity of the teachers and students of Flint Hill School. Each year, the school would allow me to host a fundraiser through which, by paying $5 each, students could raise enough money to sponsor the Learning Center for a year -- about $2,500.

Having graduated, I now must find a new means of raising funds to educate the 56 students who are presently enrolled. As I plan fundraising events and look into corporate sponsorship, I also ask you all to consider making a contribution to Gyaan Ghar's mission, to give bright but underprivileged children a head start in life.

You'd be astounded to know how far a dollar goes.

$20 can buy school supplies for all students for an entire year.
$30 can cover the salary of a part-time arts teacher for 1 month.
$40 can sponsor events such as field trips and award ceremonies for 2 months.

Every little bit helps.

 Thank you.
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Checks payable to: Gyaan

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