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"This is addressed to the teachers and the students at Gyaan Ghar. My name is Fred Chanania, and I teach Ratna Gill in my biology science class in Flint Hill School. Ratna's students in Gyaan Ghar know her from her visits to Ludhiana, and all the shows she helps to put on, but I get to see her each day. I do my best to tease her and to make her laugh, and she seems to take all this in good spirits. I wonder if her students at G.G. can get her to sing for them. She has a wonderful voice and I love hearing her sing. She is also a very good student, and works hard every day for my class. I wonder if her G.G. students are doing the same in their classes. Someday, I hope to see Ratna's students in person and to tell them many stories about Ratna (I will be sure to tell them funny ones - I think she might have dressed up as a tree earlier this year). Good luck to everyone and you are lucky to have Ratna as a friend, just as I am."

-- Fredric D. Chanania, 14 April 2010

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