Parting is such sweet sorrow . . .

After an hour of exam preparation today, students flocked to Ratna Didi and started asking questions.

"How long will you be gone?" "How long is three weeks?" "Can you come back in one day instead?"

We then had a small ceremony in honor of my departure and Jaanoo Bhaiya's birthday -- some students had even made him lovely cards! I served the children parshaad and they recited a five-book Punjabi prayer for me (only two books of which I have memorized myself).

"Ek onkar, satnam . . . "

I then gave each student a writing utensil to remember me by during their exams, before it was time for photographs. I'm always scared to hand one of these kids a camera (because each of them wants to practice taking pictures), but they are always so enthusiastic they win me over. Manav (to my left below) had requested a photo with me in front of our sweet peas, and I had to fulfill his wish!

A lot more requests came in afterward . . .

After the whole class had been photographed in groups of two or three (I have no patience for photographs!), I had to say goodbye. I walked as far as I could with the last group of kids who left, but there came a time when they all turned the corner.


I have had a truly wonderful time with our students over these past few weeks, and I immensely look forward to returning to them in April!

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