Seven Gyaan Ghar Students Selected for Prestigious National Cadet Corps Leadership Program

We are proud to welcome back today seven of our students, who were selected from a Punjab-wide pool to participate in the National Integration Camp held by the National Cadet Corps of India.

15 students were to be selected from the city of Ludhiana, and all 15 were selected from the ranks of Malwa Khalsa Senior Secondary School. Of these 15, seven are enrolled in supplementary classes at Gyaan Ghar.

The boys have returned having learned valuable lessons about discipline and respect, and look forward to applying their knowledge and experience to their lives back at school, and to sharing their knowledge with their peers.


Vikash Verma said...

Great start Ratna.
Incredible thoughts with perfect execution.

Shramishtha Gupta said...

i read bout u 2day in glimpse........v v well done....keep it up

Digital Paathshala said...

Wow, Great work ......amazing achievement congratulation from my side keep going all the best for your future.