December was a month of exams and holidays for the students of Gyaan Ghar. With Malwa Public School exams starting on the 7th, students separated into groups based on age and each group was taught by Radhika and Amanpreet on alternating days. Subjects included the usual English, Hindi, Punjabi, Math, and Science, but older students were also tested in Agriculture, Computer Theory, and Physical Education. Younger students had exams covering a wide range of topics such as oral English and Punjabi, Divinity, Drawing, and Neatness. Gyaan Ghar review sessions helped to reinforce topics covered on the tests. Neha, a second grader, remarked that she feels she “ha[s] done better on exams this year than any year before!” After exams, students began their holidays, focusing on computer classes and receiving instruction in conversational English from Mrs. Nomita Khanna. Mrs. Khanna also distributed new school uniforms, donated by her friend Monisha Oswal, to the delighted students. Students are now segueing into their next unit of extra-curricular study, Creativity, with their assemblage of personal collages.

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