The students of Gyaan Ghar celebrated Children’s Day in a festive show of song and dance. The function started with the singing of the national anthem, a shabad, and a song. Each student dressed in traditional Punjabi garb and, as a preliminary exercise in public speaking, presented a short introductory statement about her or himself. The group performed a Bhangra dance as well as many poems and songs in small groups.

Notable guests included Malwa Public School Headmistress Dhariwal and the parents of most students. Also in attendance were Professor Bedi and Doctor Sharma.

As return gifts, the students received personal cleanliness kits, complete with towels, toothbrushes, and combs. We hope that this token will remind them of the importance of our first extra-curricular subject, Health and Cleanliness. Students left the ceremony with a sense of accomplishment, and feeling refreshed for school the next day.

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