Gyaan Ghar students just marked the end of their first semester in a party of plentiful performances and prizes.

The classes also celebrated Lohri, and each child received a pair of woolen socks for this wintry season!

They all congratulated their colleague Vandna, who is the first Gyaan Ghar student in the 10th standard (grade), and just cleared her first semester exams. Thank you for being such a great role model, Vandna!


It is because of supporters like you that our students are able to enjoy these ceremonies and festivities, which seem so commonplace to students in the US, but are actually very unusual and exciting for students of this background in India. You'd be astounded to know how far a dollar goes. Just $20 can fund the awards and refreshments for an event like this. I did the math today, and one kid's Flint Hill tuition for 2 weeks is roughly equal to 50 kids' Gyaan Ghar tuition for a year -- I think this is incredible, and I thank you all for your constant support.

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