15 February 2012

I'm so excited to be back in Ludhiana and back at Gyaan Ghar!

I caught some students as they were leaving class today, and look forward to meeting them all tomorrow.

I headed up to the classrooms and settled in for an informal meeting with our two teachers, Ritu and Gurpreet. The two seem pleased with the children's overall progress in this past year, and we discussed some students who will need more support. We also discussed briefly some ways in which we can combat families' tendency to stress education of their boys more than that of their girl children.

Most notably, we will be introducing a new program called Sisters' Circle. (In fact, Gyaan Ghar was originally designed to be a school exclusively for girls, to address the disparaging attitude toward education of girls prevalent in economically weak Indian households. However, we made the decision in 2010 that girls should learn to operate in a world where women and men study and work side-by-side, and therefore made the learning center co-educational.) From now on, Gyaan Ghar girls will gather once a week to discuss how to be successful in this environment.

As I sign off for today, I'd encourage you to look around our new and improved website!

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