21 February 2012

During the second (activities) half of today's class, I wanted to introduce a game that required a ball. Since no one in the class had brought one along, we had to figure out a way to make one of our own. Below, Suresh looks on as Rahul solves our dilemma by wrapping a wad of Santosh's notebook paper with tape.

The game itself went like this: one student would start, and throw the ball to a classmate of her choice. (She would also say the friend's name.) This classmate would throw it to another person of her choice, who had not yet received the ball. After all the students had received the ball, we had to reverse the order of receipt; i.e. if Sunaina threw it to me, I would give it back to her, she would then pass it to whomever threw it to her. Thus, the second half of the game is quite a memory test.

The students definitely found it challenging at first (one reason was because "Ratna Didi" was such a common recipient of the ball that she found it hard to remember who had thrown it to her in what order -- this was the reason for implementation of the rule italicized above). We played a few rounds where no one could remember who had thrown the ball to someone, so we had to start over. A lot of the students wanted to switch games, but I challenged them to put their heads together and persist until we had completed the game successfully once.

When we finally did (on our fifth try, I believe), there ensued the laughter and applause pictured below.
After this game, the students were starting to get a bit distracted and chatty, so I dismissed them to go blow off some steam in the park.

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