"Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOO!"

After students had finished their academic tuition for today, I took them out to the park for some fun and games. But the first thing they all did was exclaim "Sorry, Didi!" in apology for their distracted behavior yesterday. I of course forgave them right away and we moved on to some activities.

After an intense class-wide Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament (Neha won!), we played some Duck, Duck, Ghoo. You can see one rotation in the video below, though I'm bummed that I stopped filming where I did, because Santosh, who is "it" at the end of the recording, is hilarious when he plays. This is mainly because he giggles the entire time that he is running around his classmates, and can barely get the word "goose" out before exploding into fits of laughter and sprinting away.

Some other antics included the older boys choosing the younger girls to chase them, knowing that chances of their being caught were slim. Some of the more self-assured boys would also make the rounds while doing Bhangra moves, showing off that no one could catch them, even if they "ran, ran, ran, as fast as [they] can!"

Today's game got pretty intense, and only a few students were left at the end, thereby attracting a lot of spectators.

The winners were Rahul and Neha -- again! This girl is lucky and speedy! It was now getting late, and a lot of kids had to leave, but I promised I'd plan a fun class for them tomorrow!

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