Gyaan Ghar is currently experiencing a severe shortage of students. Because parents of Malwa School students prefer private tutoring over group classes, many children have dropped out and returned to their individual tuitions. Parents have also expressed a concern that subjects covered by the learning center are not in conjunction with Malwa School’s curriculum.

To address the first issue, we have contacted the Camp School as well as the primary school supported by a local Gurudwara. The Camp School has agreed to select a group of promising students to be educated at the learning center. Because of the Camp School’s distance from Gyaan Ghar, these students will be provided transportation. In response to the second concern, we ensure that our teachers focus upon the primary school syllabus as set in place by the Punjab Board of Education. This includes three languages (Punjabi, Hindi, and English), Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Social Sciences, Work Education, Art Education, and Health and Physical Education.

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