The number of students had earlier decreased from twenty to less than ten, due to the rising popularity of private tuitions over free instruction at Gyaan Ghar. However, attendance this month has risen to a new high, with thirty students enrolled regularly and about twenty-five studying during their vacations. Radhika has received a full-time job at the Malwa School, to which most of our students belong, which has allowed the children’s parents to observe the quality of her instruction and built their confidence in our organization. This has also given her a clearer view of the types of activities from which our students may benefit.

Although most students of Gyaan Ghar are presently on holiday, they continue to attend class voluntarily from 10:00-12:30 and the learning center has therefore tailored its curriculum for this time to be both instructive and entertaining, allowing the students to discover creative approaches to learning. For example, students participated in a drawing contest one day, and constructed table lamps from discarded material another. During the academic year, they also explore crafts such as knitting and embroidery alongside their basic school curriculum.

One teacher, Silky, has gotten married and moved to New Delhi and the other, Radhika, is engaged to be married within the next few months. She will continue to teach until that time. To find a new teacher, I plan to contact the promising interview candidates who were shortlisted but not selected during the interview process in August.

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