Students spent the month of September preparing for their exams, which ended on the 22nd. The headmistress of Malwa School expects that academic progress will be made visible on the exam results, and will report this progress to us after the tests. As the weather was pleasant this month, students walked to our house for class. We plan to keep this system in place until the need for organized transportation again arises. Some students arrived early and received additional instruction from Society Chairperson Amrit Kaur, who stressed the importance of good penmanship, especially in Hindi and Punjabi. There were in attendance three to five boys every day, whom we have decided to allow to stay on while the student body of Gyaan Ghar is becoming established. Although the students’ holidays are approaching, many would like to continue daily classes at the learning center during the break. This may be a possibility, depending on the availability of Radhika and Silky.

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